Review of the latest export finance deal data

March 22, 2017

The TXF export finance data report for 2016 is now out, and our team goes through the key findings, providing analysis for the reasons behind some of the key trends.

To find out more about the data report and how you can access the full version, click here

Key topics:

  • Direct lending on the rise - but what ECAs and what types of deals?
  • Which types of banks are best placed to take advantage of the current environment?
  • More small ticket deals, and more project finance - what does this tell us?

Starring: Gabby Buck of GKB Ventures, Simon Sayer of Deutsche Bank and Simon Jones of TD Securities

Note: The TXF Export Finance data report is derived from deal information on The information is collected from a variety of sources including an extensive deal submissions process. Whilst the report is a strong indicator of trends taking place in the sector, there are gaps in the data and we do not claim to have 100% market coverage


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