Shop talk: Kexim raises risk appetite amid pricing squeeze

November 29, 2018

Despite two and a half years of delayed and cancelled projects, the Export-Import Bank of Korea (Kexim) has shown an unwavering appetite for large-scale project risk from Asia to the US. But the Korean ECA is looking to adopt more traditional ECA product suites to stay competitive.


A review of the Export Finance Market in H1 2018

September 10, 2018

In this episode TXF take a close look at the performance of the Export Finance Market in the first half of 2018. During the period, TXF Data recorded 146 ECA supported deals (a drop of 17 on H1 2017) covering $49.7 billion of financing (a rise of $3.63 billion on H1 2017).

Alfonso Olivas, Head of Data & Analytics and Katharine Morton, Head of Trade, Treasury and Risk discuss the sectors and markets driving this upturn and how they expect the market to perform over the rest of the year.

The data being discussed in this podcast is taken from TXF Data's recently published Export Finance H1 2018 report. To find out more about this visit


Back of the Net: The Stated Goals of Export Finance

July 25, 2018
From profitability and relevance, talent acquisition and sustainability, to SMEs and digitisation, each speaker outlines the goals they are targeting over the next
few years in our latest export finance podcast - recorded live at TXF Global 2018.
After a rigorous panel debate, the audience also provided a grade out of 100 on progress of these goals to date - setting a benchmark to measure performance in future years.
Anna-Karin Jatko, Director General, EKN
Thomas Baum, Head of Division Underwriting & Risk Management, Euler Hermes
Simon Jones, Head of Export & Agency Finance, EMEA, TD Securities
Simon Sayer, Managing Director, Global Head of STEF, Deutsche Bank
Gabriel Buck, Managing Director, GKB Ventures LTD
Moderator: Dan Sheriff, Managing Director, TXF

Can export finance be a ‘force for good’?

May 30, 2018

The second TXF export finance podcast of 2018 addresses the difficult question of whether export finance is, or can be, a force for good.

Our 3 resident experts - Simon Sayer, Gabby Buck and Simon Jones; start by debating what we actually mean by ‘force for good’? Is it about green initiatives, sustainable development goals. economic development or something else? And what is not export finance as a force for good? What else could be done to ensure export finance is doing more? How is this different for banks, corporates, ECAs and governments? Could a more ‘ethical’ export finance also bring new players into the space, such as institutional investors. And do we expect to see a greater level of convergence between ECAs, development banks and international development more generally?
This is the final discussion before our 2018 “live show” in Prague on the 6th June, where we will also be joined by EKN’s Anna-Karin Jatko  and Euler Hermes’ Thomas Baum.

9 key trends in export finance in 2018… maybe

March 6, 2018

Back for a second year, TXF brings you a bold debate on the industry’s forecasts for the year ahead. We spoke with Simon Sayer, Simon Jones and Gabby Buck. From the fate of US Exim to the rise of China, and rescinding on Brexit to ECA dominance, our panel of experts each propose 3 predictions for the year ahead – generating some fierce debate.


Making export finance more accessible

July 18, 2017

The TXF podcast, live from Venice! A great discussion looking at how ECAs and banks are judged internally and externally, and how origination works in practice and how it could be improved. Could export finance be simplified in how it is communicated to clients, colleagues, regulators and governments?

Featuring: Simon Sayer of Deutsche Bank, Simon Jones of TD Securities, Gabby Buck of GKB Ventures, and special guest Topi Vesteri of Finnvera and president of the Berne Union.


SMEs and export finance

May 4, 2017

For this episode, regular contributors Simon Sayer, Simon Jones and Gabby Buck are joined by Mark Ling and Rebecca Harding. They discuss...

  • Do SMEs know about export finance? Why would they use it? What is the biggest block?
  • Is engagement with SMEs buyer or supplier driven?
  • How important will it be for banks and ECAs to show they support SMEs? Is it really on the radar?
  • How can the whole export finance process be made easier for small deals and SMEs?
  • Who are the agencies making most headwind on this?
  • Where do the banks fit? Educator / arranger / out of the picture?

Review of the latest export finance deal data

March 22, 2017

The TXF export finance data report for 2016 is now out, and our team goes through the key findings, providing analysis for the reasons behind some of the key trends.

To find out more about the data report and how you can access the full version, click here

Key topics:

  • Direct lending on the rise - but what ECAs and what types of deals?
  • Which types of banks are best placed to take advantage of the current environment?
  • More small ticket deals, and more project finance - what does this tell us?

Starring: Gabby Buck of GKB Ventures, Simon Sayer of Deutsche Bank and Simon Jones of TD Securities

Note: The TXF Export Finance data report is derived from deal information on The information is collected from a variety of sources including an extensive deal submissions process. Whilst the report is a strong indicator of trends taking place in the sector, there are gaps in the data and we do not claim to have 100% market coverage


Bold predictions for export finance in 2017

January 27, 2017

The latest edition of the TXF export finance podcast sees our esteemed guests Simon Jones, Simon Sayer, Gabby Buck and renowned trade economist Rebecca Harding discuss the key trends defining the next year for the industry. Moderated by TXF’s Dan Sheriff.

Key topics include:

  • A report card for 2016 and 2017
  • Does low global growth mean a terrible time for export finance?
  • Where will commodity prices go and what do they mean?
  • How will risk and opportunity play out in the Middle East?
  • What demand will be seen for export finance in developed and developing markets?
  • What will Trump mean for US Exim and US exports?
  • How can export finance navigate turbulent politics worldwide?
  • Will UK trade be as bad as it looks? Will we see any market corrections?
  • Will the rise of ECA direct lending continue?
  • How big a feature will regulation be in 2017?
  • Who will the winners and losers be in export finance this year?

We will repeat last year’s “live show" at TXF VENICE on 7-9 June 2017. Click here for details


2016 to date reviewed

September 15, 2016

In the latest edition of the TXF Export Finance podcast, Simon Jones, Simon Sayer and Gabby Buck discuss the performance of the ECA finance industry in the first half of the year, analysing the latest data report from TXF. They then discuss the challenges that lie ahead in the second half, and even deliver a prediction or two.